New Lion

by Claire de Lune

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Christian Wensauer
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Christian Wensauer Love the sweet contrast to her work with GRRRL PRTY (which I love as well). Favourite song? Couldn`t make out a special one, love the whole album <3
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released June 26, 2012

recorded/mixed at Waterbury Studios, Minneapolis, MN
mastered at Elysian Mastering, Los Angeles, CA



all rights reserved


Claire de Lune Minneapolis, Minnesota

Claire de Lune grew up in New York City, grew up some more in Minneapolis, and lived in Austin somewhere in the middle. Her style reflects that vagabond past—an open-minded acceptance of the cosmopolitan sexiness of R&B, the dusty roots of indie, and the propulsive energy of hip-hop. ... more

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Track Name: Stay
I blush when I think about you
Flashbacks to the last time
Heart stops for a second can you
be at my place at nine?
Oh babe my heart is racing
Can't think about nothing else
Active imagination
I want you to myself

Stay with me
We'll break all our plans
Why would you leave
When we got all we need right here in our hands?
Stay stay stay stay stay stay stay

Your kiss on my kiss
Your skin on my skin
It don't get any better than this
So why try to leave to find it?

Ain't no emergency
The sun is rising but the world can wait
We made a home between the sheets
I'm listening to your heart beat

Track Name: Save the Day (feat. MaLLy, TruthBeTold)
What did you think he meant
When he said
If you wanna see the change
You gotta be it?

You're home alone
Chillin in your comfort zone
With your head in your hands
You say you can't believe
Everything you see happening
But I can't see why
You're so surprised
That things just stay the same
When all you do is say

chorus (w/ TruthBeTold):
"It's quite amazing how things change
but please don't change right by me.
And I came here to save the day
but all I save is what I see."

It's been so long
Why both of us holding on
Can't get along
It's deeper than the lines of this song
Right or wrong
The scent of another soaking my garments
And many more than you got a chance to see the apartment
Heard the heart beat in my chest through tainted flesh
We downtown playing a couple, you and me a mess
I didn't know how retain, maintain and stay sane
Ignoring your calls anytime you hit me on AIM
I'd rather drag you along than leave
I want you to feel exactly how I feel on every single eve'
Created the rain from your eyes, I wasn't other guys
At least I told you from the jump, baby girl, and never lied
With many missed calls
Promises been getting broken
You let me back in, no problem, you was open,
I'm trying to save you now, being straight up for the moment
Maybe we should part right now and do our own shit
Save the Day

Track Name: Declaration
You're real good
at telling me everything's gonna be okay.
Well that's easy for you to say
when you're the one hopping on the plane,
don't you think?
I can't believe how fast I've fallen
Feel the ground beneath me sink
And you got me where you want me
..or so you think.


I might want you
but I don't need you
I might want you
but I don't need you
I can let go
If I need to
I might want you
but I don't need you

Electric when you touch me
I feel it pulsing up my spine
And ooh baby, how you love me
Like I'm a clock, and we're running out of time
I swear it's true
That when you say to trust you
I want to
believe you



Nothing has to change
Things can stay the same way
that they've always been
That you're on my mind
nearly all the time
don't mean anything
Don't let it go to your head
that you're waking up in my bed


Track Name: Think About It (feat Freez)
You started out with stars in your eyes
Big goals, big plans, said you were gonna make the big time
Got a little taste of fame
It intoxicates, blurs your vision babe
Start to feel like a bigshot when the whole room knows your name
Now, you veer off from the path
start to lose track of the vision you had
Sat back, relaxed, got comfortable too fast
Ain't it sad?
Ain't it a damn shame?
You can point fingers all you like
but in the end, baby, who's to blame?

It didn't go the way you planned
You turned your head
and it slipped right out your hands
And it isn't like
all the blame's on you
it ain't ever easy, but I don't understand why you're so confused
Why don't you think about it?

Yeah they pointing the finger
but they don't know the struggle
of an artist
playing the hardest
and always on the hustle
Easy to lose track
of the haters
when the hoes all love you
Trouble be the follow through
cause you know they judge you
Couple lines for the stress
Like Willie Dynamite
Eyes dialted, right?
So he ain't tryna write
The kinda life you live when you always up in that limey light
The price is right for dropping a verse
and your shit is kinda tight
Blinded by the lights
and the snakes who would shake his hand
Shared a piff
Experiment with meth
I guess he breakin bad
Thought he would break a song
A & R say it ain't as half
as banging as the flavor he used to have
when he made a track
Start to doubt himself
Without the wealth
The major cats
He blaming that shit on
Ain't the ones who should take the wrap
Face the facts
son you blew it with drug abusin
Say it's everybody's fault
Who the fuck you foolin?


Tried to play the game
But you lost your way
I guess you're the one
getting played
When they all go home
And you're all alone
Tell me, where's the microphone?

Track Name: Never Change
They say insanity
Is when you do the same thing on repeat
and expect something different every time
Well that explains why lately
I've been feeling so damn crazy
feeling like I'm losing my mind

I love you so much
but if it's not enough
then it's not enough

You'll never change
And so I ask myself why do I stay?
You'll never change
And I can't keep living life this way

We go back and forth
yeah, you're so hot and cold
Sometimes I feel you here
sometimes not at all
I shouldn't have to work so hard
I don't wanna play these games
I've reached my breaking point
Things just can't stay the same

You see I tried to be strong
and I tried to be tough
But if it's not enough,
well then it's not enough


So (I had to break down
to break it down
and finally make up my mind
That I gotta leave now before I waste a minute more of our time)
and (repeat)
And it ain't gon' be easy
to say goodbye
but I know

Track Name: It's Real
From the very first time I saw you
I knew you weren't just another guy
The way you looked at me
I liked my reflection in your eyes

When you ask what's on my mind
I can tell it's not a line
I could talk to you all night
You make me lose track of time
Pixies: where is my mind?
Lifted: I feel so high
Can't second guess it when it feels so right

It don't make sense
Not in my plans
Where have you been
all my life?
Losing my head
Falling deep in
Boy you caught me by surprise
I didn't see it coming
but it's how I feel
I don't know where it's going
but it's real

Warnings have done nothing
Ship's already sailed
Friends have tried to stop me
but every single one has failed

Cause I know that it's unwise
Not a convenient time
You gotta do your thing
and I gotta go do mine
But at the end of the day
fighting to stay awake
every sacrifice I make is worth it when you smile


This is the kind of love
I used to make fun of
And never once thought I would find
Satisfied just holding you
and being alone with you
But when you kiss me
Boy you set my soul on fire

Track Name: Flames
It's just a childish game
That we insist on playing
I go to leave
but you know I'm staying
Living on the edge
You always keep me guessing
Why do we do this to ourselves?
To keep it interesting


I know
It ain't right
But I hold on tight

I go to run
You hold my arm
Just hold me down
Let's go get lost
Break my heart-
it's intoxicating
I know it's wrong
but when it's good
you make me feel
so understood
Jump in the flames
Numb the pain
cause I know you're waiting
But I can't see in the heat
Fog is all around me
And it goes so deep
I breathe
And you surround me